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Quad City Killers (Game)



First released in a successful Kickstarter campaign, Quad City Killers is a murderously fun board game where you and your friends collect victims and avoid law enforcement as you compete to become the most prolific serial killer in the Quad Cities! The core game includes the game board, 6 Skull Pawns, 3 dice, 72 Prey cards, 72 Resource cards, 12 Killer Boards, 6 Heat tokens, 6 Dexterity markers, and of course, the Rulebook.

1-6 players, 1-3 hour game time.

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Weight 2.375 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in

3 reviews for Quad City Killers (Game)

  1. John (verified owner)

    Once my girlfriend and I got the hang of it we had a ton of fun playing QCK. We were surprised at the level of strategy that there could be with all of the variables you can throw in at any moment. Everything about the game is hilarious and when we get a chance we plan on getting some friends to play with us. Highly recommend checking it out!

  2. Jesus

    My friends and I love playing this. It’s super easy to teach to a group of non gamer friends and have them all laughing and having a blast by the end of the night. You have to just read all the cards, the word play is the best! Not sure how, but would love to see some sort of expansion in the future or just would back another project from this group.

  3. Angela Viveen

    Haven't yet played it with friends, but did play it solo. Had a blast hunting down victims, and reading the flavour text on the cards. Just when you think you're invincible, a few events will surely fix that. The police turns up the heat, an opponent runs off with your bodies... And before you know it you're in an episode of "I (Almost) Got Away With It."
    I opt for more expansions too.

  4. Rachel G

    Pretty easy setup, Little bit of a learning curve if playing with friends that don't play too many board games. Game Idea is super unique and lends itself to a BUNCH of replayability.
    Excited to get this one out again and again!

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